Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Recommendations on Choosing the Right Lipstick Color

Lipstick in general is a comprehensive part of a makeup. Even if we lack time to look as distinct and attractive as we would like to be in the everyday hustle and bustle, the best choice of a lipstick palette will be of great help to us. Not only your style determines the colors of your lipstick, but also the occasion for which you are going to apply it. Another important thing  you should be aware of while choosing your lipstick color is the tone of your skin. Accordingly, depending on your skin tone, the style you prefer  and the occasion you are going to put the lipstick on, determine the kind and color of the lipstick that you should apply on. 

The article stresses on how to determine your skin tone, as well as how to choose the best lipstick when you are already aware of your skin tone.
If your skin has a tone of more yellow or orange, it means that it belongs to the warm type of the skin. The skin, tending to have redness or pink coloring is more of a cold (cool) tone of the skin. To find out your skin tone you may try the following:

•        Try out silver or gold jewellery; if your skin is of warm tone the gold jewelry will lighten up the whole of appearance. In case you feel like your glow has gone with the gold color of the jewellery, it means your skin tone is more of a cool one.

•        Check out the inside of your arms. Do you see your veins distinctly blue? Then, undoubtedly, your skin has a cool tone.

Once you have determined the tone of your skin, the next step out in search of a lipstick in accordance with your tone. But before you have made your beauty expenditure, take into consideration the appropriate lipstick colors that suit the tone of your skin. Lipstick colors like brown, cappuccino, caramel having bronze or gold patterns inside, are suitable for warm skin tone which is significant for its yellow or orange glow. For the cool tone of skin different spectrums of a blue toned pink or red are suitable. 

Not to make your beauty expenditure a wastage, try on the lipstick you are going to buy. This way you will clearly see whether it suits with your skin tone or not. Besides, by applying it on, you will find out the texture of the lipstick whether it’s sheer or matte, shimmery, etc. If you tend to try the lipstick color on your hand,then it will be better if you put it on your fingertip pads, as they are closer to the lip color.

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