Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top 5 Weirdest and Unusual Types of Allergies

You will not become surprised if  I say that people have allergy to milk, nuts,  wheat, peanut butter, cats and dogs, so on, so forth. Although, I am sure that the list that I am going to present you will both surprise and shock you with its symptoms of impossibility and absurdity.
Believe it or not, numerous people are not “lucky” enough to have an allergy to nuts or whatsoever, they have chosen the worst: water, underwear, sun, etc.
But let’s not hurry and start from the beginning. I am going to talk about ten weirdest and unusual types of allergies.

People who are allergic to the sun and often suffer because of these skin allergy symptoms: itchy rash, headache and nausea.

For most of us, water is the most harmless substance around, but come and see that people are actually allergic to it. Unfortunately, a proper treatment for this kind of allergy has not been found yet, and these people still suffer when taking shower or swimming. The cause of this allergy is the rare condition of aquagenic urticaria, when water of any temperature causes pain ad hives to the skin. 

Another weird one from the unusual types of allergies is exercise. Exercise-induced anaphylaxis and urticaria or the allergy to exercise at first sight seems somehow pleasant, as you don’t have to go to the gym. But it is not like that, as this allergy may become a reason for serious gastrointestinal problems, and even may threaten to your life. 

It may sound unbelievable, but a few people have allergy to sex. The condition called human seminal plasma hypersensitivity is the reason of adverse physical reaction to a man’s seminal fluid which carries sperm.The symptoms of this weird allergy include hives, trouble with breathing, swelling.  Of course, they use condoms, but a thorough treatment is not available yet.

Who loves gloomy weather? Perhaps a few melancholic ones and that is all. We all are eager to see the shining sun in the sky. You may not believe, but there are more people who are against the sun. These people are allergic to the sun and often suffer because of these skin allergy symptoms: itchy rash, headache and nausea. 

In this era of innovative technologies, it is difficult to stay away from the: cell phones, iPhones, iPads, microwave oven, etc. But what If we have to? It turns out a group of people has already found a solution for the. They have moved to the southern part of France because this area is less electromagnetic. You ask why? My answer is because they have an allergy to technologies, and are suffering from electro sensitivity. These people experience a plethora of physical ailments, including migraines, rashes and chest pains when they are near to any electromagnetic field.
Here was our list of the weirdest and unusual types of allergies that are both shocking and astonishing. Take care of yourself!

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