Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Top 5 Bizarre Facts about Smoking Cigarettes

We all are perfectly aware of the harmful effects and facts about smoking cigarettes, but who cares? We continue smoking cigarettes with the same frequency, and still many of us cannot quit it.

The side effects of smoking are terrifying and keep us alarmed every time we switch a cigarette. Smoking strictly affects our appetite, causes nausea and headache; it also decreases blood pressure and heart rate. Because of smoking people often feel dizziness and mild euphoria.

We all are perfectly aware of the harmful effects and facts about smoking cigarettes.

It is not all about smoking facts; the rest is far more frightening. We are not sure whether it is enough to make you stop smoking cigarette. However, we will present several odd facts about smoking cigarettes that will leave you open-mouthed. We are not inclined to bother you with alarming information on the dangers of cigarette use, so just read and enjoy the bizarre facts about cigarettes.

  • We would like to begin with information about cancer-causing chemicals because let’s agree that the most horrifying fact about cigarettes is that it causes lung cancer. Thus, it is known that the average cigarette contains about 4800 chemicals, 69 of which are cause cancer.

  • Another mind-blowing fact about smoking is that it is more difficult to quit smoking for people with dark skin. The research has shown that people with darker skin are more dependent on nicotine, and they have lower smoking termination rates.

  • It turns out that smoking starts damaging your body in minutes, not in years. A recent study states that the human body begins to change immediately after smoking the first cigarette in your life. The fact is that the cancer-causing substances start affecting during 15-30 minutes after inhalation.

  • Few of you may have heard about stars Wayne McClaren and David McClean. You may ask me: “What is the link between smoking cigarette and these actors?.” My answer is that these people are closely connected with smoking. First of all, these people were known as “Marlboro Man” once, when they were promoting Marlboro cigarettes. As a result, both of them died because of lung cancer.

  • Another interesting fact related to smoking is from the film “Thank you for smoking”. If you are familiar with the film, you may remember that there is not a single scene in the film where someone smokes. The only scenario where a person appears with a cigarette is when the character Nick Naylor watches a short film.

These were our bizarre facts about smoking cigarettes, and we hope you liked them.

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