Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Read People Like a Book: Three Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind

Sometimes a great desire to know what other people have in their heads comes and does not leave you in peace. All of us have once wished to be able to read people. In reality, you need not be a psychiatrist to know how to read people like a book

At first sight, it seems impossible to know what people think and plan, but it turns out that it is not that difficult. A number of experts and psychiatrists have developed various techniques, have composed numerous guides and have written innumerable articles on reading people’s mind

There is a tremendous information on this topic, but one should be choosy to know what is useful for their goal. Here we have three well-chosen techniques for those who are eager to know the thoughts and plans of other people. You had better sit back and read out points attentively in order to realize what you have on your mind.
Reading people like a book is so simple, that will amaze you.
You need not be a psychiatrist to read people like a book.

The first technique is observing body language cues.

I won’t surprise you if I say that words compose the 7% of any communication. Whereas our body language takes the primary responsibility on its shoulders, making 55 % of the communication, while the rest is trusted to the voice tone.
Thus, let’s understand the secrets of body language step by step.
  • First of all, when understanding the body language of people you should pay attention to their appearance. Wearing a power suit and well-shined shoes shows ambition, while jeans and T-shirt are the sign of comfort with being casual, whereas the tight top with cleavage means a seductive choice. Moreover, a pendant like a cross or Buddha shows spiritual values.
  • Be attentive to their posture as well, if they hold their head high, means confidence, if they walk indecisively, it is a sign of low-esteem.
  • Watch people’s physical movements as well, holding one’s hands in their lap means they are hiding something, licking or biting one’s lips indicates that they are under pressure or in an awkward situation.

The second technique is listening to your intuition.

  • Your intuition can tell a lot about people, so be attentive to flashes of insight.
  • Feel the goosebumps, they occur when you have the feeling of deja-vu, the time when it seems you know who that person is, but you don’t.
  • Honor your guts, they are the first feeling you have when meeting strangers, they check the reliability of the unknown people.

The third technique is sensing the emotional energy.

Here are a few strategies which will enable you to read one’s emotional energy.

  • Firstly, feel one’s presence, if it appeals to you, and you feel the friendly atmosphere, then you have nothing to worry. If you feel unease, making you back off, then reconsider your choice of interlocutor.
  • “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” We all have heard this expression. Be attentive to people’s eyes, they will tell you a lot about them. Are they kind, mean, shiny, angry, tranquil or do they seem to be guarded and hiding?
  • Remember that we also share emotional energy via physical contacts like handshake, touch and hug. Watch, if one has clammy hands, meaning anxiety or limp ones, indicating timidity.Listen to their voice tone, it is an important indicator, whether their voice tone is soothing, snippy or whiny, ask yourself.

These were our techniques that will help you if you wonder how to read people like a book.

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