Monday, July 28, 2014

What Are the 7 Worst Foods to Eat?

If you want to avoid health problems and stay fit and healthy, you need to know the worst foods you can eat and keep those supermarket staples away from your everyday grocery shopping. Keep up with the worst food list below to avoid damaging effects on your body.

#1 Worst Food: Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are rich in calories and fat.
Frozen meals are loaded with calories though they may look tiny. One popular brand of chicken pot pie contains 63 grams of fat and 1,010 calories (per serving). It is recommended to consume  the diet versions of this frozen food which is low in calories and fat.

#2 Worst Food: Processed Baked Goods

Switch processed baked foods with
fresh fruits
Being honest, they are so tasty, so good to start the day with (and not only), but let us be careful with what we offer to our body. Those pre-packed muffins, dessert cakes, doughnuts, will load your body with tonnes of calories and sugar, moreover, they are difficult to digest. The high-sugar content in processed baked goods can literally stay in your body forever. Instead, avoid this wrapped stuff and fill your weekly diet with fresh fruits.

#3 Worst Food: Soda

Soda consumption may cause high
sugar level in the body.
Dietitians agree that the soda should be taken off completely from your eating diet. Did you know that one can of soda is can of water containing ten packs of sugar? From now on you know it, which is a good reason to switch your drinking soda habit with a cup of water (why not you may add to it a slice of fresh fruit to make it sweeter).

#3 Worst Food: Potato Chips & French Fries

Foods baked at a high temperature
 may cause cancer.
It’s well known that potato chips & French Fries are not good for your waistlines as they contain a considerable amount of fat. Such foods, baked or fried at a high temperature, contain acrylamide, a known carcinogen, which is the cause of several thousand cancers per year within Americans.

#4 Worst Food: Sugary Cereal

Sugary Cereals increase sugar level
in the body.
Sugary Cereals, frosted flakes, may taste like a sweet nostalgia, but you should always keep in mind that it has  a high amount of inflammation-causing sugar and gluten. For those who have sensitive skin, sugary cereals may cause breakouts, redness and increased breakouts. Your choice should be low-sugar, gluten-free corn-flakes.



#5 Worst Food: Stick Margarine

Replace margarine with a small amount
 of regular sugar
Switch it with a regular butter (small amount) when topping foods or baking. Stick margarine is loaded with trans fat. Keep in mind that foods like pastries, crackers and snacks contain stick margarine and may cause high-cholesterol level in your body.

#6 Worst Food: Bacon

Bacon is rich in sodium and fat.
You are into Bacon in many occasions; at breakfast, when topping salads, or adding to your sandwich? You will say that it contains 45 calories a strip. That’s true, but in this case you forget that it’s high in fat and sodium.  The best options for you are nuts and veggies, with which you will avoid problems with heart and digestive system.

#7 Worst Food: Soy Sauce

Light-sodium soy sauce is the best
It goes beyond saying that soy sauce contains a number of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s important to know that soy sauce contains high sodium, which will cause hypertension. There are so many options of light-sodium soy sauce that you shouldn't go the regular set of foods to buy. Moreover, it is recommended to use the light stuff sparingly.

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