Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Maintain Skin Care in a Correct Order

Besides taking good care of your skin with different beauty products and special facial masks, it is also important to pay attention to the correct order that is how you maintain your skin care.

Many people think that the order used in skin care doesn't matter. Hence, skincare is going to act on your skin in case of certain ways and on certain conditions of your skin. Follow the article to get some of the simple and yet valuable tips on getting your perfect skin.

No matter it is morning or night, you should always start with cleanser.

Weighing up products

In case you weigh up products before applying it on  the face, you should choose first the lightest one. This way the second product applied on your face will be able to penetrate your skin. It means you should pay attention to their weight, with the lightest coming first.


No matter it is morning or night, you should always start with cleanser. Before cleansing you may mist with thermal water, due to which you will loosen oil and dirt beforehand. You may use a toner right after cleanser.

Serums & Moisturisers

Moisturisers and serums go post-cleaning and toning. Moisturisers, serums and oils work best on  bare skin. If you use serum, then consider it as the lightest of the products you use so that it’s recommended to start with it.

Eye Cream

Next apply the eye cream, as it will take time to leave its effect on the eye area, before you put any other products.


After this moisturise your face and neck. The products you have just used have to be lighter than the moisturizer you are going to use. If your cream formula is gel-like and the serum is heavier than change their places.


If you need to moisturise your  face for the second time when you already applied your makeup, it’s recommended to do it like midday, when the products are not that heavy and will allow the moisturizer to penetrate your skin.

Clear Skin Products

Clear Skin Products should be applied on a bare skin in order to be localized on the affected area. In case you apply it before serums and moisturisers they will prevent it from penetrating the skin.

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