Thursday, July 17, 2014

How Does Parents Working Affect Children?

In today’s competitive world, many families find it necessary for both parents to go out to work. While some say that children in these families benefit from the additional income, others think that these children lack support because the absence of their parents.
Nowadays, many parents have to work with a full day routine. Children in these families have different approaches to this kind of situation: some of them are satisfied both for having the possibility  to enjoy their freedom and the financial support of their parents. 

Whereas, for children where only one parent works, it’s the reverse. Additionally, in case children live their childhood mostly coping with everyday tasks on their own, there is the positive impact of their future where they are more self-supportive and independent.
On the other and it can be hard for children, spend all day alone without parents’ support. The result can be that the child will feel the incompleteness of a supportive and caring family. Moreover, the lack of attention towards children may take them to experience the worst effects of street life.

For children it's important to keep their relationship in a good pace...
However, we know a lot of examples of famous people  who grew up in streets and didn’t enjoy the warmth of family life, and yet, they have worldwide fame and respect.
There are alternative choices to help parents and children to enjoy the feeling of a complete family. One of the parents can work half of the day and have a shift work. This way they will manage to pay more attention to their children and at the same time, they will manage to earn enough in order to meet the minimum requirements of family needs.

However, there are different approaches to this family-child issue and here below I am going to highlight some research results in the sphere. To oppose the idea of having two parents work, the American Academy of Pediatrics forged the idea that having both parents working provides emotional benefits for children. Children have the bright example of their mom dad working by building up their pride to things their parents do. At least, they will avoid the feeling of the world being as a threatening place where mom and dad are not with them. Alongside with this, the financial stability of parents will be the milestone for them to have new social experiences that will contribute to their development. The example of working mom will help girls to have wider career options.

What matters most for children?

Studies show that most children want their parents to be less stressed and tired because of work. Whether their parents work or not, has really little to do with their attitude to their parents; for children it’s important to keep their relationship with parents in a good pace, sharing meal together, being around each other in a relaxed way or doing a special activity.

In conclusion, working is not the most important variable to child development. It’s the combination of different factors, like whether the mother’s is comfortable with the idea of working or not, she manages to keep the quality of childcare or the child somehow lacks the absence of the mother. However, at-home mother  is not necessarily an attentive one, nor is employed mother necessarily inattentive.” 

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