Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Be Healthy. The Secret is Revealed

All of us are gourmands starving for delicious food. And, please, don’t try to reject that fact. If we put aside the question “How to be healthy”, then we all are ready to consume everything that is edible.

Chocolate, cakes, various sweets, burgers, pancakes, sandwiches, all of them smile us from the glass windows of pastry shops. The desire to stay healthy, slim and preserve the beauty of twenties becomes a topical question.

It is so simple to stay healthy and to eat well that you cannot even imagine. The tortures of all types of diets are already in the past, it is time to eat what you want without counting the calories. By following a few simple steps, you can make your life healthier happier.

It's simple to stay healthy...
  • You should remember that it is useless to speak about healthy lifestyle if you don’t eat much fruit and vegetables. So it’s high time to make healthy choices while buying foods. Don’t forget to keep the color balance of your purchase: green apples, yellow bananas, red tomatoes, etc. As different is your basket as healthier you will be. You may search for healthy dinner ideas and make a to-do-list for your every dinner. You may include all the above mentioned products in it.

  • Taking and changing your whole eating habits is like Armageddon. There is no need to waste time on it. You should start slowly and change anything step by step. The bad habit of eating overnight, to put it mildly, is not realistic or wise. Forget about overnight festivals. They ruin your life. The next step is replacing your favorite chips with a salad (Mind; it should consist of foods of at least four colors). And then comes the turn of butter, for a healthy lifestyle the use of olive oil is more advisable than butter. You can add other options as well; it is up to you.

  • Trying to reject the desire of “off-limit” foods by using only healthy food reminds me about the Biblical forbidden fruits. It will be stupidity if you try to forget completely about your favorite cakes, sweets or fast food. The more forbidden is the product, the more desirable it becomes. So start with small steps, try with small portions. Otherwise, you will awaken the hungry beast in yourself, who is ready to consume all the cakes and sweets that exist on the Earth.

  • Take your time while eating and chew every bite slowly. We are used to quickly chewing and swallowing whatever appears in our mouth, but it is not smart. We should feel the taste and flavor of the food and combine the pleasure with eating.

There are numerous options that are useful for a healthy lifestyle, but it is us who should decide what is better for us. So start from this very day, don’t delay it and ask yourself: “What is better for me”?

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