Monday, June 16, 2014

What is the Right Time to Have a Baby?

What is the best time to have a baby?

There is no right time to become a mum.
In the modern world of opportunities and plans to be fulfilled, there is  the ongoing question amongst women about ‘when is the best time to have a baby.’ Career, goals, plans to be fulfilled. When we see the episodes in films when a girl taking the pregnancy test, she either gets happy or bursts into tears. It’s either black, or white. In real life, it’s more complicated.

Statistics show that most women are having babies at their late 30ies, when they are both financially supportive and have their goals fulfilled in life. A close friend of mine was 28 and she had doubts whether to have a baby or not, in case when she was in a stable relationship. All the things she worried about was the financial difficulties she was going to face with her partner. When couples are supportive enough and yet ponder upon how they are going to raise the baby, it’s can be all about fears of losing your own life as far as your goals are not fulfilled yet.

Most women nowadays put their careers before motherhood. I have been discussing this issue with women in their early and late thirties who definitely agreed with me that the ‘fertility time-headline bombs’ are spooky. There was a girl who had gotten married, but the husband yet worries about having babies as the coming party season in Ibiza is waiting for them. Another has been trying to get pregnant for two years and is going to try IVF.

The surveys in recent years have shown that some women take up 5 years to think on motherhood, with a third aiming on career goals, others saving money and owning their own property. The striking thing is that in many websites life goals before motherhood are compared with those wishes before one dies. There is the sense that we need to build up our house of life – once 18 it’s time to travel to all of the continents, to experience adventure and craziness before it’s time to take the plunge.

So, when it’s the best time to have a baby? Is it really possible to plan and control this aspect of our life?

The average of women giving birth is now a year older than it was a decade ago; in 2010 it was 29 and in 2000 it was 28. The number of abortions in women between 30-34 increased to 10% between 2009 and 2011. The tendency is that nowadays women prefer to have a baby in their late 30s.
The biological reality is striking. According to Dr Magdy Asaad, women  should have babies until 35 years old, and definitely by 37. She says, that after 35 it becomes much more difficult, as the number and quality of eggs is reduced.Life expectancy for women has increased to 80-85 years, that’s why it’s difficult for women, as 40-years-old women still feel young. But it’s something different with your ovaries.  So, if circumstances allow, you should have babies in your late 20s or late 30s. Is the timing for having a baby really right? In conclusion, I would add that there is no perfect time to become a mum. Of course, the circumstances can be that you are not in a right relationship, you don’t have a good job and lack enough experience, but one thing is obvious that you won’t  always have the possibility to get pregnant.
If your financial and love relationship is supportive enough, and, most important of all, you are ready to take care of a new creature in your life, then it’s the high time to go for it.


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